End of another era…

After ten years of memorable trading in Marsden, Mountainfeet closed its doors for good on the 23th of December.  There were various factors that led to this decision including supply difficulties from our mainly European manufacturers and Si’s wish to move on to pastures new.

Despite offers to buy the shop, we just couldn’t find that elusive person who’d carry on with the quality and style of service our customers had come to expect.

Therefore, we decided to sell our remaining high quality product online, offering customers nationwide the opportunity to buy at heavily discounted prices via a specialised webshop. The last product sales marked the end of the Mountainfeet retail experience but at least left Si with a respected business name and reputation to be applied to future ventures.

Mountainfeet pioneered and honed a method of fitting footwear that involved assessing our customers feet, footwear and foot health requirements with experienced and clinically knowledgeable eyes.  Key to this was the close relationship we enjoyed with the well respected podiatrist Matthew Butters for over six years.  We very much hope that another local individual or business steps up to the plate soon and that our many customers of the last decade can continue to find the solutions they’ve come to rely on.

The last fitting appointment in our history was with Ryan, a young man who’s passionate about the mountains, and to whom we wish a long lifetime of exciting experiences among them.  Our photo shows him with his new B2 mountaineering boots and crampons – we think it’s very apt to bow out handing on expertise and advice to the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts.

Mountainfeet evolved over seventeen years and has even deeper associations going back to the days when the renowned Paul Braithwaite opened his climbing shop in Oldham over 45 years ago!  We’ve had good times and bad, often helped out by a superb team of staff and friends too numerous to mention but all fondly remembered and valued.

To you, our superb, friendly, generous, loyal, supportive and often funny customers, thank you from the bottom of our hearts – it’s been emotional…

Si, Lizzie and Gyp