FAQ test

My footwear doesn’t fit like it did in the shop.

This is a commonly heard remark. High quality, structured footwear generally needs some time to adapt to a particular foot shape so will usually feel even better after a few weeks of use. However, in some instances, customers will feel that the fit of their footwear isn’t as good as it was initially. Bear in mind that the snugness of footwear may ease quite substantially and the fit might suddenly seem a bit sloppy from the original try on. This isn’t generally an issue as more secure lacing will often sort the fit out. If this isn’t satisfactory, then it’s easy to fit a thin, flat footbed under the standard or orthotic footbed to snug things up without losing any length in the boot or shoe.

Bear in mind that if you feel you’re between sizes of a shoe or boot, the safest way to go is for the bigger size as it can be made to feel snugger and smaller quite easily. If footwear is too small, particularly in the length, then there’s very little that can be done to modify it.

When we lace footwear in the shop for customers, it’s done in a precise and firm way and is often explained in detail. We often see customers who complain about slippage or heel lift not paying much attention to their lacing technique or tension and yet the laces are critical to a proper fit – particularly for technical outdoor footwear.