Finding your UK footwear size

This service on our website is initially launching in beta meaning that Si is still developing it.  However, you’re welcome to use our calculator and we hope you find it useful.  Feel free to provide feedback!

Use our downloadable template together with our calculator below to assess your foot size and width.  Bear in mind that sizing information is subjective and varies between manufacturers and genres of footwear.  Our carefully researched sizing data is designed to work best with footwear built closely to the Brannock size data set such as is used by Yorkshire manufacturer Altberg.  Because the majority of our high quality footwear is built on similar length lasts, the UK size calculator below takes some of the guesswork out of choosing what’s going to fit you.

How to measure your feet
Download our measuring template, print it on A4 paper and check it for accuracy using a ruler or the credit card box test.  You may need help from a friend or family member to accurately measure your feet.  Now follow the illustrated instructions in the slide show below.

  • 1) Fold across the thick dashed heel line as shown.

Sizing calculator

You should now have four measurements – two for each foot.  Take the longest foot’s two measurements to use with the sizing calculator below.  Please note: If your shorter foot happens to be substantially wider than the longer one then use the longest foot’s length and the shortest foot’s volume in the calculator to ensure you get footwear long and wide enough to accommodate both feet.

Select the nearest length and volume figures in the calculator to determine your UK length size and an approximation of width.  Go to the nearest figure in the drop down – if in between then round up NOT down.  Our figures are calibrated to allow for mid weight walking and running socks so no additional adjustment for sock wear should be needed.