Mountainfeet’s COVID-19 current status


Despite the relaxation of many Covid related restrictions, we’re still requesting that customers at Mountainfeet wear masks if practical to do so until we see infection cases drop.  We’re aware some find masks problematic so there’ll be latitude for those who struggle with them.  Bear in mind that for you it’ll be half an hour of minimal inconvenience while our staff can spend up to seven hours a day wearing one for both your protection and theirs.  Also, the counter and fitting screens, handwash stations and general hygiene regimes we’ve used throughout the pandemic so far will remain in place for the foreseeable future.
Footwear fittings will continue by appointment only – please appreciate that demand for our specialised service is still high and patience will be needed!

For those who just need sundries such as footwear care product, laces, and pre-cast orthotic replacements etc, an appointment isn’t necessary although it’d be useful if you called or messaged first.

During the past year and a half, Mountainfeet has been shut for shop visits for seven months and this has proved incredibly challenging when our business is all about hands on, face to face expert service.

Bear in mind that the double whammy of Covid and Brexit have hit our supply lines pretty hard. Most of our quality product including that carrying the Altberg brand is either made in Europe or is manufactured largely from European components. Supplier after supplier has told us of their efforts to keep prices down and to maintain stock levels but the sad fact is there’s less product available than in previous years, it’s costing a bit more and is taking a lot longer to enter the UK. This has been exacerbated by an increase in demand as runners and walkers have literally worn their footwear out during lock down exercise.  So the message is, please be patient, kind and understanding – it’s going to be a slow process but collectively we’ll get there.

We look forward to better times ahead for all. Thanks for your support and loyalty – it’s been needed and we’re really appreciative…

Stay safe while enjoying our beautiful outdoors as much as common sense allows, Si, Lizzie and Gyp.