Online appraisal service

Because of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, at present we’re still unable to offer a face to face fitting service at Mountainfeet.

However, using information collected from a customer online, Si can make a surprisingly accurate appraisal of footwear needs together with the size and volume type to cut as much guess work out of buying online as possible.  Fill in our simple and secure form, follow the guidelines on measurements and if possible supply photos of your feet as instructed.

In order to access our unique remote footwear fitting service, we’re initially making it password protected for those genuinely wishing to buy from us.  To apply for access, please fill this short form in and we’ll email you a current password which will be valid for a few days.

Why is a password needed?

Due to the labour intensive nature of analysing the information you'll supply, we'd like to make sure the right people are using it!  A password will be sent on submission of this short form giving access to the service.
Just a few words to let us know why you feel the service might be of use to you.  It may be that Si has pointed you to it for either footwear fitting or foot health diagnostic purposes.


I understand that Mountainfeet's remote appraisal service involves time spent to analyse the data I will provide in order to cut much of the guesswork from ordering footwear. I appreciate that this is a free facility aimed at existing or potential customers and if abused, may be suspended or become a chargeable service.

Please send me a password...

Once you’ve been sent a password, feel free to follow the link below to the appraisal form.  There’s no obligation…

Appraisal service