Turbulent weather and times…

Sat here in a tiny cottage in Wales thanking our lucky stars we decided not to camp this week! Wind or rain or better still, wind and rain have been the overriding feature of our summer holiday so far. But however bad the weather, it can’t eclipse the shocking images we faced yesterday when turning on the TV for the first time in three days.

As a small business owner, I’m used to facing commercial adversity and uncertainty. But I certainly couldn’t see this coming despite dealing with some highly unsavoury characters over the years. But I guess when these lowlifes are marshalled and incited to violence, this is the outcome. Let’s face it, this isn’t a race issue or students making a stand against rising tuition fees. No, this is simply opportunist criminality and mindless violence – a sad indictment of the state our country’s in.

Surely now, it’s time for the pathetic liberalism to end. Bad guys are bad guys in all shapes, colours and sizes and need zero tolerance. I know folk who’ve had a diabolical start in life but they don’t use that as an excuse for antisocial behaviour or to loot and rob. You hear people say the scroats should be sent to Afghanistan to fight with our army but do you seriously think our professional soldiers would want these unreliable, cowardly scumbags on their right and left in a firefight?

No, it’s time us common, working, decent people took some bloody control back. And if the politicians won’t do it, maybe we’ll have to. Not a threat, just an indication that many of us have worked hard and troubled no-one to make a modest living and are rapidly losing faith in our country and our leadership. I love my country – sadly, we have a section of society that are a cancer and need cutting out if they’re not willing to conform to the law.

OK, rant over…!