Welcome to the new Mountainfeet website!

Well, it’s been a fraught few days since finding out our previously trouble free booking system had gone wrong! To cut a very long story short it was actually easier for me to completely re-write the whole site which has certain long term advantages anyway.

I’ve had to run this up in a hurry so it’s not the most creative piece of webwork you’ll have seen! But it needs to function robustly, be clear to read and be easy to use. Hopefully it’ll tick those boxes and also be viewable and useable on a wide range of today’s phones, PC’s and tablets.

If you’re one of those who don’t like the change then you have my sympathies because the old site, whilst archaic (see above image), did everything asked of it until last week.

But technology and times change so here we go. Hope you get to grips with it and the new improved booking system and we see you soon…

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