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Si and Gyp

Regretfully, the popular and well regarded Mountainfeet shop in Marsden closed for good on the 23rd of December due mainly to supply issues caused by the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.

But keep checking back here or on our Facebook page – there’s a new venture coming soon!

More information on our closure here…

Mountainfeet was an award winning specialist mountain sports footwear shop located in the picturesque Pennine village of Marsden.  Si Taylor, who ran Mountainfeet, made it his mission to provide first class footwear fitting services for walkers and runners from near and far.

You’d have found Si in a crusading mood if you visited the shop for walking boots or shoes – he’d seen many pairs of feet that would have benefited from a service like his in the past.  Si thought it was paramount that mountain enthusiasts understood the importance of foot health and choice of correctly sized and shaped footwear.  As a result, he was highly committed to making sure Mountainfeet customers took the best possible care of their feet during sport and to educating them in some of the best ways of staying healthy and preserving lower limb function well into old age.

The Society of Shoe Fitters (SSF) Si is still a qualified foot care specialist and a member of the Society of Shoe Fitters (MSSF) with lots of experience in providing biomechanical and functional assessments for mountain walkers and runners.  He also worked closely with local podiatrist Matthew Butters from Colne Valley Chiropody which was based within Mountainfeet for five years before recently relocating to larger premises in Marsden’s nearby Peel Street.

Si still feels strongly that the purchase of new footwear from any specialist retailer should be an opportunity to check the condition of customers’ feet and inform them of any changes in size, shape or functionality as a result of ageing, health issues, previous use of poorly fitting or inappropriate footwear and general sports wear and tear!

Mountainfeet’s free functional assessments of customers’ feet proved a very popular service and most people seemed happy to open up about any foot health issues they might have had once they sensed a genuine interest in keeping them in tip top walking and running health.  Over the years, Si developed and refined methods of checking the major areas of function that could cause future problems so he could  educate or refer accordingly.